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  • Tessa Bradford

    Tessa Bradford

    Living in Taiwan, teaching myself to code, drinking all the coffee

  • Massimo Iacolare

    Massimo Iacolare

    Web developer, quality addicted. Dabbles in C# and JS. Agilist wannabe, tested climber. When not in front of a keyboard, he's probably clinging to some rock

  • Alexander Hardy

    Alexander Hardy

    Wordsmith/eater, cohost: The Extraordinary Negroes. Creator: GetSomeJoy. Words: EBONY, Food & Wine, Gawker, etc. I don’t believe in snow. thealexanderhardy.com

  • Rohan Thakur

    Rohan Thakur

    I love physics ,technology ,sports and humour!

  • DK


  • Rafael D. Hernandez

    Rafael D. Hernandez

    I’m a Web Developer, who loves to play drums, watch some NBA Basketball, and read some great articles about tech, web development, and self-improvement.

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